So you have decided to buy a new home  and you want to make sure you get maximum value. This page is worth thousand of dollars to you... and its FREE

Putting An Offer On A Property

If you want to buy a property, you will be asked to sign a written offer on a contract. Firstly you will be asked to sign a PAMD30C. This is a warning statement which will outline precautions you should take in buying the property. It outlines the details of your cooling off period.

The next is a PAMD27C. This will outline what the agent gets paid for the transaction.

If you are buying a unit or townhouse, make sure there is a disclosure statement attached to the contract. It will outline all the body corporate fees and affairs of the body corporate. If you are not sure about anything, check with your solicitor.

Next in line to sign is the actual contract which will contain your offer. Do you need any of the following clauses:

Subject to finance

Subject to pest and building

Subject to sale of your own home

Subject to the settlement of your own home


In today's competitive market, it is essential to speak to your bank or broker and ascertain your spending capacity before you start looking for your home. Shop around, brokers will tend to give you more choices than one or two banks. If you would like the name of a VERY reliable broker, contact me

Deposit Bonds

A Deposit Bond acts as a substitute for the cash deposit required when signing a contract for the purchase of a property. At settlement the buyer is required to pay the full amount of the purchase price including the deposit. A Deposit Bond can be used as all, or part of the deposit required, up to 10% of the purchase price. A Deposit Bond guarantees that if the buyer defaults under the contract of sale/offer and acceptance, the seller can claim the amount from the company which guaranteed the bond. The gurantor then seeks to recover this amont from the buyer. Deposit Bonds arranged by ACM Financial Services as guaranteed by Royal & Sun Alliance (short term bonds) and GNC Access (long term bonds).

Pest and Building Inspections

When you put an offer on a property that you wish to buy, make sure that the offer  is subject to a pest and building inspection. If you intend bidding at an auction, organise the inspections at least a week beforehand.

Looking After Your Interests

As a buyer, you are certain that your interests are professionally represented in the transaction. I have a talent for matching people with property and my seasoned negotiation expertise will help you obtain the best possible price and terms for the property. My follow-through of every detail during the  period until  settlement will ensure a successful purchase.