Getting Ready For the Big Move

You've signed the contract, and getting ready to move.

Here you will find some essential checklists to prepare for the big day

Some ideas for when you are packing

A moving checklist


Don't forget to book the movers

Here are some ideas which can be useful for when you're packing, and for the moving day itself:             

Need lots of smaller-sized cardboard boxes? Ask the manager of your local bottle shop or supermarket.              

Perhaps consider using plastic storage tubs. There are a lot available quite cheaply. They're mostly clear so you can see what's in them... and they're waterproof!  

Hire a hand-cart or trolley for moving heavy items. They're not expensive and they not only save lots of time but can also prevent injuries.    

Wear some heavy gardening gloves to help protect your hands when handling heavy items       

Use old blankets or sheets to cover and protect your furniture.

If you disassemble any furniture, place any fasteners in a sealable bag and tape or tie it to the item.       

Remove the plate from your microwave and tape the door shut              

Pack your frozen foods in some ice in an esky for the move.       

Pack sharp tools with plenty of padding taped around them       

Tape butcher's paper over shiny surfaces to help protect them against scratches. Don't use newspaper as the ink can leave marks.     

Pack heavy things into smaller boxes and lighter things into larger boxes.             

Tighten the lids on jars and bottles as you pack them, so they don't come loose during the move.            

Books are heavy, so spread them around amongst the boxes. They'll also help fill up small spaces.          

Move all packed boxes to a room close to the exit you'll be using, so they're quicker and easier to remove from the house. 

Put a heavy duty garbage bag around pot plants to prevent water or soil getting loose during the move

Number your boxes and keep a list of what's in each one. 

Moving Checklist

4 Weeks before your move 

Start packing!   

Scout around for some sturdy card board boxes.             

Get together tape and marking pens to seal and label the contents of your boxes.          

Set a firm date for moving.         

Select a furniture removal service or rental truck which best meets your needs.               

Check that your larger appliances and items of furniture will fit in your new home.          

Have a thorough clean-out (you might want to organise a garage sale). 

Start to use the frozen and canned foods you’ve been storing. 

Keep a list of incoming mail.       

Start notifying businesses, colleagues and suppliers of your intended change of address

2 Weeks ahead                

Keep packing!  

Prepare an inventory of everything you’re packing and store it with your valuables.       

List essential things you’ll need on moving day (like the keys to your new home!).          

Contact the utilities you will require at your new residence.        

Complete your Australia Post Mail Redirection Service application to redirect your mail to your new address.

Last Days            

Hopefully you’ve packed just about everything!              

Collect anything outstanding, such as lay-bys, dry-cleaning, shoe repairs etc       

Cancel local arrangements such as lawn mowing service, newspaper delivery etc             

Return things like library books, videos etc.        

Have a final clean-out to get rid of out-of-date cleaning products and inflammables from under the kitchen sink and in the garage.       

Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer

On Moving Day                

You should be just about organised by now!!    

Consider carrying with you the essential things you’ll need when you first arrive at your new home (like your kettle, to make that well deserved cup of coffee!).       

Most importantly, make sure you carry valuables, personal effects and important papers with you, so they don’t go astray. 

Check that nothing has been left behind.            

Turn off the gas at the meter and the electricity at the switchboard.       

Say your goodbyes to your old abode, lock the doors..and move on out

Drop your keys off to your agent